Bedazzling Brush and Spray Bottle!

Dazzling Doll Hair Care Accessory for 14-inch Dolls

The Glitter Girls Bedazzling Brush And Spray Bottle is the perfect set for keeping your Glitter Girls’ hair sparkly, shiny, and tangle free! Use this hair care set for 14-inch dolls to create style and smiles for miles! Glitter Girls have lovely nylon hair that is so much fun to style. What sort of new hairstyle will you dream of today?

Taking care of Glitter Girls hair is as easy as giggling! First, fill the small spray bottle with clean water. Next, lightly spray some water onto your doll’s hair. Use the wire-bristle hairbrush to carefully brush until all the tangles are gone. (Poof! They disappeared!) Let your doll’s hair air-dry, or add some cool braids, twists, ponytails, or any other style you like! For dolls with curly hair, start at the bottom and twist as you go up to help preserve the curls. You can also twist their hair tightly in little sections before you let it air-dry to help refresh the curls. (Just please make sure to avoid heat and styling products, since they can make your dolls lose their sparkly fun style.)

Recommended for kids aged 3 years old and up. Glitter Girls are excellent dolls for 6-year-old girls. Compatible with most 14-inch dolls and accessories including Wellie Wishers dolls and Hearts for Hearts dolls.

Comes with: 1 hairbrush, 1 spray bottle. (Dolls and outfits sold separately.)

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