Glitter Girls Horses

Have you ever wondered why kids love horses? It’s no secret that these animals have adoring fans. Horses are wonderful creatures that have inspired mythology, folklore, and stories around the world! From their beauty to their power, there is so much to love about our equine pals.

So, what is it about horses that resonates with children? Is it their gorgeous manes, their calm demeanor, or their incredible strength? Read on to find out – and learn why toy horses are fantastic gifts!

Horses represent freedom.

While horses are shy, gentle creatures, they are amazingly powerful, capable of running long distances within a short period of time. Kids are drawn to this fascinating combination of traits because it is inspiring. Like horses, they can learn to be resilient whilst being loyal, kind, compassionate, and true to themselves. Horses make kids feel strong!

Horses are effortlessly beautiful!

Let’s face it: horses are elegant, majestic creatures. Just look at their graceful canter, their long manes, and their beautiful eyelashes! They even come in a variety of colors and patterns, which is fun for kids to think about when making art or choosing a toy. Horses are naturally beautiful animals that any child might dream of owning, riding, or even being!

Glitter Girls Horses

Bring equestrian dreams to life with a toy horse from Glitter Girls! Every horse wows with its sparkling mane, glittering hooves, and colorful, removable saddle. Choose from pink, blond, and multicolored manes!

Horses are friends.

Like dogs – also known as “man’s best friend” – horses live alongside us. They have provided us with valuable services for thousands of years, plowing fields, taking us from place to place, and providing us with unconditional companionship. Most kids today will grow up without horses, but they might crave the special bond that riders have with their four-legged friends.

Just as a fantasy character has their dragon, wouldn’t it be cool to have a horse you can ride at any time? What if you could speak with it telepathically? That special connection sparks imagination! Anything is possible when you can ride off into the sunset with your loyal steed.

Gia and Gypsy

Gia & Gypsy

Gia & Gypsy love to go on adventures together! They’re so close, they even have matching hair! With this bundle, kids get both a horse friend and a doll, so they can play out all their horseback riding dreams.

Why Horse Toys are Great for Kids

Does your kiddo have a toy horse in their collection? Consider making one their next gift. Horse toys are not only a ton of fun but packed with educational benefits! There are lots of reasons why horses make great gifts for kids 3 years and up.

  • Empathy & social skills: Feeding, brushing, and “taking care” of toy horses nurtures a child’s empathy! Pretending to take on these responsibilities can also help to encourage independence and a healthy work ethic.
  • Dexterity: Brushing and braiding their horse’s hair, as well as handling the horse and pairing it with dolls gives a leg up to motor skill development.
  • Imagination: Imaginative play bolsters creativity, problem-solving, artistic development, and more skills that will come in handy all throughout your child’s life.
  • Active play: Given their athletic nature, toy horses encourage exercise and an appreciation for the great outdoors!
  • Environmental responsibility: Toy animals help kids learn to care for wildlife and their habitats – an appreciation they’ll have for the rest of their lives. Horses cannot gallop without a healthy environment, after all!
Deluxe All Asparkle Acres Set

All Asparkle Acres - Deluxe Bundle

Looking for a gift that has it all? All Asparkle Acres is an award-winning stable with everything kids need to keep their toy horses happy and healthy. In this deluxe bundle, you’ll find Floe the doll and Celestial the toy horse, too – so playtime can start right away!

Horses are captivating creatures that give kids (and grown-ups) unbridled joy. Whether they are real, plastic, or imaginary, their beauty and their strength help us sparkle our brightest! Check out our Equestrian Collection and let us know what you love most. If you know a little horse lover, you can rest assured that their imaginations are in the right hands – or hooves!